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Being a country of a traditionally developed tourism, Bulgaria offers a wide variety of opportunities for accommodation, at a wide range of rates, and various extra services in addition.


The official monetary unit in the Republic of Bulgaria is called the [B]LEV[/B]. As since 1997 the country has been in the conditions of a currency board, the Lev was attached to the German Mark (at a fixed exchange 1 Lev for 1 DM) and since 1st January 2002 the Lev is attached to the Euro.

Customs Rules

Every tourist visiting the Republic of Bulgaria may import a limited amount of food, cigarettes and liquor for personal use. Depending on the length of his stay, the admissible number and quantity of the imported goods is indicated at every customs checkpoint.

Food & Drink

Bulgarian food does not particularly differ from the traditional European cuisine. The basic food products of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine are beans, sour and fresh milk, cheese, tomatoes, paprika, potatoes, onions, apples, water-melons, and grapes.

Hazards & Safety

One can hardly foresee all hazards and risks, which a tourist could face in a foreign country. The Republic of Bulgaria is increasingly meeting the EC criteria for ensuring security and preventive guard to its citizens and guests.

Postal Services

To send a letter within the country, one shall buy a postal card or an envelope, affix the necessary postal stamp of 0.25 Leva (25 stotinki) and write the address of the recipient and oneís own (senderís) address. This can be done at any post office.

Road Network

The international U5 motorway links Bulgaria with Europe and with Asia Minor. It forks at Sofia, and its southern branch proceeds to Greece as U5N, while the second called U5S leads to Turkey.

Tourist Information

Tourist information centres or bureaus can be found in most of the bigger towns and cultural centres of Bulgaria.


Air, rail, road and water transport connects Bulgaria to Europe and the world. Railways cross all of Bulgariaís land borders. The first big European railway transport artery - Orient Express also cuts through the country.


The Republic of Bulgaria requires no visas for the citizens of a number of countries in the world, but every tourist is advised to obtain preliminary information in this respect because some kinds of visas require longer time for processing and issuing.

Showing results 1 - 10 of 10