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About Us

Knight International has over 20 yearsí experience in the property market. We specialise solely in Bulgaria, thatís why we can offer you such an in-depth knowledge; through the experience we have gained and the people we have partnered with.


Dear James
I have successfully purchased two properties in Bulgaria (Elenite) through Knight International.† The properties where bought "Off Plan" without any visits to Bulgaria until completion.
I found Knight International to be very efficient helpful and friendly, so much so, I am in the process of purchasing another property through them, also in Bulgaria.

S. Ventriglia (Bedfordshire)

Dear Knight International/Elaine
Having viewed many sites and looked at other property specialists for Bulgaria your service has been exemplary and of the highest standard for customer before and after sales. It was with some intrepidation that I purchased a property of which was to me a new property area with unknown expectations. I wish to state that your company has exceeded all expectations and I am now a proud owner of a stunning beach front property that you have played a major part in this success. Please forward my details to any other clients you may wish to consider. An excellent customer service!!!

W. Jones (West Midlands)

Dear Elaine
As a relatively young property investor I have always been keen to buy overseas. I had, what I thought, missed the boat with Spain and France, and just by coincidence was introduced to the concept of Bulgaria by a trusted colleague. I was subsequently introduced to James Knight at Knight International as an initial point of contact and the next thing I know I was booking a flight out to Bulgaria, to combine holidaying and property/Bulgarian research!

I always go with my gut instinct and in this occasion I can literally say that even though, looking back, it was potentially a risky thing to do, I am more than happy that I took the plunge to invest in Bulgaria through Knight International and buy an apartment with a trusted well established property developer.

I am a female financial adviser and specialize in mortgages and have great experience with estate agents, sales men and what I would like to think as experience with people. At the time of looking into Bulgaria I also became more aware of other companies supposedly doing similar
things: selling and promoting property in Bulgaria and even when I went out to Bulgaria you cant but help to be exposed to the numerous companies selling property. But throughout the whole process, from my initial enquiry to where I am now; signing rental contracts for my property on the black sea, I can literally say I am more than happy to have taken the plunge with Knight International.

There are a few things which spring to mind:
  1. Their help when I went out to Bulgaria for the first time. I traveled as a single young female to a new country. They put me up in a hotel, introduced me to Mira, the Bulgarian Manager of Knight, and the rest of the team in Sunny Beach. They let me actually have a holiday without the feeling of being sold or pushed into any deal. They kindly showed me round Bulgaria, only when I asked, they showed me round some current projects, only when I asked, they also went through plans, again only when I asked. I felt completely at ease and this felt really nice. I felt like I could easily make up my own mind and whatever I decided I knew it would be ok.
  2. Their honesty and help. I know that having an office up the road from me in Bedford meant they could easily be contacted, and it was nice to see them with offices here and in Bulgaria with experienced staff in both locations. It was also nice to know what influential contacts they had in Bulgaria.
  3. Their passion in the country. This I feel has been shown through conversations, through Jamesí commitment to the country, through setting up offices over there, spending quality time working out there, and even more recently with his relationship with Wizz airlines and development with the fantastic start of low cost airlines. This is really exciting as it means a great opening for holiday makers, which naturally make it good for any investors wanting to rent out their properties. How many other companies have been so proactive in such ventures? Iím not aware of any and I think itís only when people have a true passion and interest as well as belief in something that they are prepared to go to such lengths. I think it also shows through their recent project the Vineyards in that they have bought land alongside the development to ensure the site isn't going to be overlooked by new developments as seems to be the case in the resort of Sunny Beach as well as them not cramming as many apartments as they can on the one site, and keeping the extra land as land for vineyards!
  4. While my apartment was being built they helped at every stage of the way by answering my questions providing photos and updates, which was helpful as I couldn't take the time out to visit myself.
  5. Their integrity, honesty and openness and true belief that they are a company who are to be around for a long time, not in this for some sort term wonder cash income, which seems to be the case with so many new projects and companies I am forever coming across through my line of work.
So I go back to my initial gut instinct with this whole venture and can honestly say that I have been completely happy from day 1 to have bought my property, furnished my property and to be now preparing to rent it out with Knight International.

E. Sample (Hertfordshire)